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Buttered Pineapple Bun – Honolulu Coffee Shop

-Buttered Pineapple Bun-

Pineapple Bun is a kind of sweet pastry popular in Hong Kong, some other areas in southern China, and also in overseas Chinese communities around the world. It is known in Cantonese as bo lo baau. “Bo lo” means pineapple, and “baau” refers to a kind of bun-like item in Chinese cuisine.

And many Hong Kong “cha chaan tengs” and “dai pai dongs” offer a kind of variant called “buttered pineapple bun”, which is a pineapple bun with a piece of butter stuffed in the middle. They are known in Cantonese as bo lo yau, in which “yau” means oil and refers to butter. Typically, the pastry would be brought hot from the oven to the customer, and served halved with a piece of cold butter  between the halves. Then the butter melts in the middle of the bun because of heat and colored the bun with light butter yellow and smell fabulous. This item is sometimes criticised for containing too much fat comparing to other variants of pineapple buns.

Buttered pineapple buns are basically ordered as breakfast or afternoon tea.

You may notice that buttered pineapple buns are commonly seen in many HK movies or TV series, such as the famous cartoon film McDull, Prince de la Bun.

And surely, if you are interested in baking your own pinapple buns at home, you can refer to the recipes below:
(Chinese Version) http://www.christinesrecipes.com/2011/02/pineapple-buns.html
(English Version) http://caloriecount.about.com/pineapple-buns-recipe-r27697