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Coconut Sago

Coconut Sago


Coconut sago is a sweet, silky white porridge made from coconut milk and sago, a kind of palm starch shaped into pearls that resemble tapioca balls. Served hot or cold, it’s a refreshingly light way to end a meal. The desert can be found all over the country—but the origins aren’t Chinese.


Glutinous Rice Balls with Peanuts & Sesame Seeds

Glutinous Rice Balls with Peanuts & Sesame Seeds


You might think that it’s like “tang yuan” . Yes, they are very similar as both of them use the same ingredients, with a slightly difference in cooking and serving way. The glutinous balls are soft and chewy in texture, infused with a subtly combined flavours of ginger and cane sugar. The texture of this dish is sophisticated, chewy little balls topped with crunchy crushed peanuts and aromatic sesame seeds. The golden, sparkling colour of these cute balls is very enticing as well.

Ginger Milk Curd

Ginger Milk Curd

Ginger milk curd, also known as ginger-juice milk curd, ginger milk pudding or simply ginger milk, is a Chinese hot dessert originated in Shawan town of Panyu District, Guangzhou in the Guangdong Province in southern China. The main ingredients are ginger, milk, and sugar. Water buffalo milk is used in the original recipe.

Mango Pudding

Mango Pudding


Mango pudding is a Chinese dessert and is very popular in Hong Kong, but pudding itself comes from the British. Mango pudding originated in India and the pudding recipe is introduced from the British, when the Indian Empire was administered by the United Kingdom in the 19th century. There is very little variation between the regional mango pudding’s preparation. The dessert is also found in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau and is often served as dim sum in Chinese restaurants.

Double Skin Milk Pudding

Double Skin Milk Pudding


Double Skin Milk Pudding (aka, milk custard) is a famous dessert which is known for being delicious and nutritious in both Guangdong and Hong Kong.A specialty of Guangzhou, It is enjoyed by both young and old. The dish is actually simmered milk with a solid covering made from a mixture of egg white and milk, hence the name Double-Skin Milk.The practice of authentic double skin milk is very elegant. The most important thing is to do milk custard selection. The quality depends primarily on the freshness of the milk; therefore, the selected milk must be fresh.It features abundant and tender sweetness.

Herbal Jelly


Guīlínggāo, also known as Tortoise Jelly or Turtle Jelly, is a jelly-like Chinese medicine, also sold as a dessert. It was traditionally made from the powdered plastron (bottom shell) from the turtle Cuora trifasciata and a variety of herbal products, in particular, China roots Smilax glabra. More often, commercially available guīlínggāo sold as a dessert does not contain turtle shell powder at all, despite the product name and the prominent turtle images on most brands’ labels. They do, however, share the same herbal additives as the medicine and are similarly marketed as being good for skin complexion when ingested.

Mango Pomelo Sago


Mango pomelo sago is a Hong Kong dessert. That said to be invented in 1984 by a famous Hong Kong chef. It is composed of mango, pomelo, sago, coconut milk, cream and sugar. Mango pomelo sago is not only a dessert or drink, it is also a flavor for cake, ice-cream, ice pop and mooncake.